We love partying, but what we love more than that is safe partying.

That’s why we have teamed up with high-quality suppliers of test kits for single-use and multiple-use.

Our mission is to help people party safer and reduce drug-related medical emergencies and fatalities.

The best way to reduce drug-harm is obviously to not take any drugs…

Instead of acting like people don’t take anything, we believe people should at least be able to test if their drugs are relatively safe and are unadulterated with highly poisonous additives.



  • Single-Use Kits are Free Priority Shipping Worldwide
  • Multi-Use Test Kits are Flat Rate of $15 and are only available in UK & EUROPE
  • Delivery takes 2-5 Days and is in Stealth Packaging



Molecule Party takes no responsibility for your actions or what you consume and will not be held liable for any actions or consequences of your actions should you use the products sold on the website.

June 2019

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